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This is SecretPlayWife’s master archive. Everything we’ve got. 8 years of encounters with lots and lots of random strangers. (I’m not allowed to say how many). My god there’s a lot of photos and videos.

I hate auto-billing. We don’t use it. If you believe you will derive pleasure from a huge archive of genuine amateur encounter pics and vids, pay once and be done with it. We won’t rebill you. Ah, peace of mind 🙂


* Photo Information

This site will archive and make public to our subscribers all quality photos of all SecretPlayWife encounters for which there are photos. That’s awesome! And there’s a lot of pics. Thousands. But here’s some caveats. SecretPlayWife is an amateur hotwife, ie. a hobbiest. She plays for fun only, never money. That means she plays with local regular guys, not pros or pro-am guys. We’ve never set up a photo studio. I’ve never used a full-frame fancy camera. We use low lighting from our normal room lights, never bright studio lights. Many photos are great quality, but many are merely okay (poor lighting, slight blur, grainy, bad coloration). Also, most regular guys don’t like a husband with a camera four inches from their junk or face blinding them with flashbulbs. It messes with their mojo. I’ve been kicked out of the room or have astutely put away the camera quite often. When I can get photos, I come in and take a bazillion, then leave again. So there’s a lot of redundancy. I’m not shy about shoving my camera between the guy’s legs and snapping over and over until I get that quintessential pic of a long shaft plunging into my wife’s holy of holies. Call it my “proof of conquest” shot. I try to get one of every guy who has been inside my wife. But a lot of her encounters are sans photo, or the guy sends me one or two POV pics from his phone, and that’s all I get. Lastly, she’s a BBW. She was a college athlete and her legs remain shapely and sexy, but she has a belly. I try hard to deemphasize that (at her request) in our pics online, but I can’t hide it here. There’s just too many photos. There’s stretch marks plus a wrinkle or two, and razor bumps. Those damn bumps. Plus, I have to hide 95% of the guys’ faces. We never out anyone ever. The only faces you’ll see are those of guys who told me they *want* their faces shown because they are thrilled to have met SecretPlayWife and they want everyone to know they did so. So what I’m saying is, you’ll see it all. Absolutely amateur sex with strangers, over and over again. Just for the pleasure of orgasming on a new man’s shaft. (That’s the truth.) SecretPlayWife is a woman who was a very normal monogamous wife who became a hotwife and decided to be open about her sexual encounters. If you like genuine amateur encounter content in all its imperfect erotic glory, this is it. 

** Video Information

This site will archive and make public to our subscribers all quality video of all SecretPlayWife encounters for which there are videos. That’s awesome! I love these videos. I know you will too. BUT there’s some caveats. I want you to know what you’re getting. My wife loves orgasming to a new guy. She became a hotwife solely for the wonderful orgasms these strangers give her and because it thrills me too. Win win. We didn’t do it for money. We didn’t reach out to pros or pro-am guys. All of her encounters are with random local strangers found hastily online when she got horny, or whom she met in our daily lives (at a bar, for instance).  These guys placed a lot of trust in us to hide their faces, and we take that incredibly seriously. That means I have to black out their faces. It turns out it’s not easy to do in videos when guys are rocking back and forth pumping numerous inches of thick man-member into my wife. It takes a lot of video editing to produce even a small segment. Between that and being asked not to hold a camera pointing at a guy for extended lengths of time (messes with the equipment of most guys), I usually just get very short videos. So while I do have many many videos, these are not high quality, long duration, studio produced videos. There are usually a few short segments per encounter. That said, some are fabulous. At least, to me they are. To some guys, they aren’t great. They are poorly lit, overly short, and depict a BBW with razor bumps and stretch marks. Not the svelte nubile pro-am filmed in perfect lighting you can get on OnlyFans. And I agree. I can’t hide much via video. There’s blemishes and rolls and such. My intent isn’t to sell you on the idea that I have a lot of great videos that you must see. My intent is to create an archive of all the videos I have, plus audios and gifs (which I include in the video subscriptions), and to make them available to people who really value genuine amateur content by a woman who truly does love sex for the sake of sex and who also loves having her husband watch other men orgasm inside her. If that’s you, this is for you. 

*** Life of Site

We intend to keep this archive up for a long time. But we believe in full candor. We had HallpassZone up once previously for about 3 years. It was incredibly challenging to keep alive, and super expensive. Far more than we anticipated. Most all of the added expense and risk revolves around this site having adult content. Most vendors will not allow hosting, most software companies won’t allow their software to be used, most payment processers balk, most website developers refuse to work on such a site. That’s what did in our prior site. There’s a reason most people use OnlyFans. But OF has apparently hinted at a possible future ban and already prohibits the posting of many types of photos and the writing or sending of an incredibly large list of words.

Hence, we prefer to self host. We can post anything we want that’s legal. But we can’t serve videos from the common AmazonS3 or other CDNs (sorry to geek out) and so must pay a huge premium for online server space and bandwidth. Being adult content, there’s a surcharge for everything. 

What I’m saying is: think of your non-expiring subscription is a tribute, a gift to SecretPlayWife to show support for her and for true amateur content created by a woman who plays solely because she enjoys it. Keeping the site up year after year will be a best effort. I expect a good three to five years won’t be a problem, so long as no new crackdown laws are passed that squeeze our service providers into canceling us. We don’t know how long we’ll keep creating new content, but I have a lot of backlogged content I’ll be adding over time as I get it edited. I hope you’ll join us for the ride.

Last Thought

We’ve tried to do our best to keep you aroused and entertained for 8 years, and haven’t asked for much. This is your opportunity to say thanks. I’d like to make this archive free, but adult content hosting and delivery is crazy silly difficult and expensive. And editing takes a lot of contractor hours.  So while I recognize that porn is free (mostly), I’m asking that you consider supporting this site to the best of your ability. Despite my paying the software, hosting, bandwidth, editing, and site development prices out of pocket, our prices are lower than most OF subscriptions.

SecretPlayWife is the best hotwife out there (I’m biased) and there’s enough content here that you’ll feel like you’ve married her. 

Guarantee: If this content disappoints you or I do something you don’t like and you want a refund, please just shoot me a note on the contact page. I’ll make it right or I’ll refund you. Please don’t go to the payment processor for a refund. You likely know our content, and can see that our level of candor is high, so I expect you’ll just have a year (or more) of some exquisite pleasure watching this amazing woman experience exquisite pleasure.