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Found 43 results

  1. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Thank U 4 Your Service

    A great guy who happens to be a vet is a huge fan of SecretPlayWife and went to a bar he knew we were going to be at specifically to meet her when we posted we were going out one Friday night. She gave him her # and invited him over. He FLOODED her. So much cum! Premium members go here In gallery > secretplaywife > secretplaywife encounters > thank u 4 your service
  2. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Fun Cum Injection

    My wife met a great BBC whom she liked and who was packing a thick dick. While sucking him she showed me his large balls and told me they were loaded with cum that she wanted him to shoot deep in her pussy. When he started pumping her she came hard on his large dick. Soon he was pumping her again and he shot his nut up inside my wife while she smiled and looked at me with his cock and cum still inside her. She was grinning ear to ear and was having a lot of fun, as was he. This was a guy who was very social and friendly and great to know, but also one who knows how to be alpha and how to use his large cock to make my wife climax repeatedly. She enjoyed making him cum and then afterwards she really enjoyed spending the entire evening leaking his cum all over our bed and, when we went out for dinner, leaking on the car's passenger seat, and guiding my hand up her commando skirt to ensure I felt how full of cum her pussy lips were throughout the evening. See all the pics here
  3. some of the prettiest pics of SecretPlayWife yet. This is one of the VERY FEW men who have shot their cum raw into ALL THREE of SecretPlayWife's orifices and he did it all in the same encounter!and he did it all in the same encounter! She sucked him until he spasmed and came in her mouth. She swallows every time but this load was so voluminous she gagged and then cum spilled out everywhere. I was only able to be home for a short part of it. He took the oral pics pov and the pussy creampie pics himself. I captured the anal sex. Premium members see them here
  4. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Two Hole Cum

    Uploaded 96 pics that go with the vids They are in the same gallery album (vids and pics both) She gave him amazing head then took her to the guest room to get her pussy fucked He had other ideas
  5. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Four Cum BBC

    A hung BBC out from Florida got a motel room near us solely to fuck my wife. Before these pics were taken, SecretPlayWife had been well fucked and cummed on without my being present. But my wife decided not to leave the motel and, instead, told me to drive to the motel to join and get photos (these photos). This BBC, having already cummed once, proceeded to pound her pussy with a condom. He then laid down and Spw sucked his cock until he came in her mouth. A few minutes later he got hard again and wanted to creampie my wife. She said yes! He fucked her pussy bareback and pounded her until she came in a screaming orgasm that made him peak and he nutted in her pussy. I was incredibly turned on by now, so I then took sloppy seconds and added my load into my wife's pussy. To my surprise, after a short bit of socializing, the BBC got hard yet again and fucked my wife senseless making her orgasm yet again. Fucking her raw, he shot another load of cum into my wife. Lastly I snapped her leaving with the motel with her hair tussled and knowing cum was leaking out as she walked.
  6. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Anaconda BBC Florida

    Added the oral and face covering pics of the BBC whom my wife drooled over when she spotted the guy walking nude around the hotel pool perimeter. She told me she had to suck it! About an hour later she lured him into the empty ballroom, threw off her dress, and let him enjoy his cock across her face before she gobbled as much of it as she could. The lighting was low, thus there's blurring of the fastest moving object, usually her head as she bobbed back and forth on his shaft. Shouldn't there be an acronym for those men with the largest of all cocks. Maybe BBMC? Big Black Monster Cock? Or VBBC? VERY Big Black Cock?
  7. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Bedroom Gangbang

    Added photos. Will add some video as well soon. Enjoy
  8. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: BBC Anal Hookup

    My wife normally declines any rendezvous request in which I am excluded from being present. On rare occasions, she makes an exception when they have a nearby hotel room and she's particularly horny, provided they are willing to take pics of the encounter and send them to her. We both know those pics will get sent to all his friends too. But anal is off limits. That's an area I enjoy almost exclusively, and not that often. She's tight and it hurts her. In some gangbangs with the right guys who demonstrate their ability to get and stay hard, she agrees to let them DP her after I lube and pre-stretch her. But when she showed me the pics he took, he had fucked her ass until both she and he came. She hadn't told me. There's only a few pics. Usually guys decide they want to enjoy the sex and don't take many photos.
  9. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Vegas Hookup No Husband

    We went to a club and found a BBC who met her there. She led him off to a place where they could have some privacy, leaving me behind to wait for a long, long time (an hour?). Later I was sent these pics. She didn't stop with oral, but he was too busy fucking my wife to take pics. She wanted him to take those to send me to show me how enormous he was. And to show that she was able to deep throat his large cock. Her lipstick was smeared all over him after her rigorous sucking, and as she licked his balls his cock smeared her lipstick across her face. She left that on all night to remind me how long his cock was every time I looked at her.
  10. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: DP Analpalooza

    260 new pics of my wife having sex with local black men. They came in her pussy. They came in her ass. They came in her mouth and she swallowed. They came on her face. Guys came over, most of whom she'd never met in person, and fucked her in every hole, cumming in her holes, getting hard again, and cumming in another hole. Everyone ignored the condoms they brought. They filled my wife multiple times with their cum. They DP'd her. Made her airtight - every hole filled at the same time, then came in her pussy and ass. With the cum dripping from her ass, another guy rotates behind her, pushes in to her now soft well-lubricated sphincter and adds his cum up her rectum. Two guys cum in her pussy and let it drip out while I and the other guys take photos of her creampie to post and share. Wow. My sweet conservative monogamous wife, career woman, mom, volunteer at local organizations -- became a serious queen of spades.
  11. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Cum Deposit

    Added a new photo set of a tap and go. A local BBC need to cum and used my wife for his relief.
  12. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Rotate Behind

    A group of BBCs came over and while SecretPlayWife was on her knees sucking a guy in front of her, each BBC took a turn rotating behind her to fuck her pussy one after another after another. It's amazing to watch your wife, especially a shy, proper, monogamous wife, suddenly become addicted to receiving all the black cocks she can find.
  13. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Accidental Creampie Gangbang

    Added photo set of SecretPlayWife playing with a group of new BBCs who were required to use condoms, until she decided it was too squeegie lube defeating and agreed to let the guys fuck her raw. When the first asked, she said "if the guys don't mind swimming" -- as in, they are going to put their cock into a cum-filled pussy because my wife likes guys to shoot their cum up in her womb. They all agreed and took turns one after another emptying their nut into my wife's pussy.
  14. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Anal Cum Injection - Photos

    Posted 130-some pics of this fun encounter A BBC came over and challenged my wife to deep throat his thick girthy cock. She couldn't when on her knees so she flipped over and let him push into her throat. After some 69, he fucked her until he creampied her pussy. Then she got him hard again and he pushed her legs way up so he could miss her pussy and instead push into her rectum. He fucked her ass without a condom until he told her he was going to cum and she encouraged him to nut in her butt. Then he showed off her swollen anus to me.
  15. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Vegas 2018 2nd BBC

    A new guy came to our Vegas hotel and immediately impressed my wife with his sharp attire. After some chatting he told her to come take his cock out and suck it. He and I kept chatting for a bit while she was sucking him in front of me until he started to become more interested in her sucking. He pushed her head to ensure she deep throated him until she gagged. She removed his pants and worked on his cock until he couldn't stand it and they went to the bedroom. He had a forceful, dominant personality and used it to get everything he wanted from my wife. In the bedroom she sucked his balls until he grabbed her head and face fucked her. She was moaning she was so horny. He reached over and fingered her G-Spot and she exploded! Two crazy squirting orgasms. Then he pushed her head down on the bed and fucked her doggy, pounding her hard. He pulled her hair to make sure she couldn't escape from his pushing into her as hard as he could and soon she lost it... My wife had the most explosive climax I've ever seen. It's the first time I saw her eyes roll into the back of her head as she lost herself in a full-body orgasm. He peeled off his condom and had him suck his cock and balls until he came in her mouth. They were both so elated they were high-fiving each other and me. Some chit chat and socializing led to her getting horny again and mounting him cowgirl. After a bit he was skewering her on her side. Then he pulled out of her pussy and stuck his cock in her ass and made her accept it. He pumped her ass hard until she screamed in ecstasy, then rolled her and pumped himself to the edge of an orgasm. He quickly pulled out, shucked the condom and put his throbbing cock in my wife's mouth until he shot the first stream, then he pulled out and shot the remaining streams onto her face. My wife looked at me with loving, "thank you" eyes. I went over to her and enjoyed how happy she was and rubbed her head and body. He put his cock in her mouth a few more times, then we stopped and everyone cleaned up. He was fully dressed again as we chatted in the main room about going out to a late dinner. He was getting ready to leave as my wife was cooing about the amazing orgasms he had given her. He had one more beer as we chatted and she giddily flirted some more. Suddenly he grabbed her, turned her around, and without asking or saying anything he pulled her hair as he thrust his cock up SecretPlayWife's ass. Then he pumped deep in her ass until she came again, swiveled her around and had her suck his cock, finishing off by jacking on her face. She still shakes and reaches for a vibrator when she thinks about him. See the nearly 200 pics HERE (for premium members)
  16. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Late For Dinner

    My wife sent me two selfies of her driving along with the message that she wouldn't be home for dinner. About two hours later I received a photo from a new number of my wife with a huge load of cum on her face. About the same time I received a text from my wife saying she was on her way home. Then he sent all the pics in batches. His cell has a lousy led flash but it was still amazing to know this person had fucked my wife for two hours. Apparently they went multiple rounds but he only stopped to take some pics at three points in the action: the beginning of oral, mid-way missionary (after extended doggy and cowgirl) and after he came on her face. Premium members can see all the pics, about 20 It's in gallery > secretplaywife > secretplaywife encounters > late for dinner Or click HERE
  17. SecretPlayWife thought this BBC was hot and agreed to meet him at a motel room at a time when I wasn't available. I don't remember her even telling me she was going to spend her afternoon fucking another man. Then I started receiving texts from a strange number with pic after pic of my wife sucking and fucking this unknown BBC. Wife then asked me to join and watch him fuck her yet again (the camera pics, taken a couple of hours after the cell pics). These are the pics he took with his cell without me present. (plus a couple wife took and sent when she implored me to come join) Find all the pics in the encounters gallery here
  18. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Creamy Bareback BBC

    Wife had a guy over whom she had been wanting to enjoy. He loved her breasts and wanted to lick her nipples while pumping her pussy. He was going to pull out until she insisted he fill her pussy with his BBC cum. He was a little weary of a husband watching so after her oral treatment I stepped away and let him have her solo, but returned when I heard her scream out her orgasm. By the time I returned, the evidence of her orgasm was a ton of her climax cream all over his cock. Then she enticed his load into her pussy. Some short videos too. Find them HERE or look in gallery > secretplaywife > secretplaywife encounters > creamy bareback bbc
  19. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Atlanta 2018 Solo Trip

    My wife flew to Atlanta and fucked 9 BBCs at a two-day gangbang event. She actually fucked more than 9 times because some got repeats. She made sure I documented her packing before she left, getting ready at 2:30am on the morning she flew out from SoCal, and of course I took pics of her arrival back. In Atlanta the event was at a private venue and no photos are allowed, so on the first day she sent me a selfie of her in her room in her socializing outfit (the pink) and then at 3am sent me pics of her beat up pussy and ass. The second day was a little more relaxed, so after sending me a bunch of bra selfies she found three of the guys were okay to snap photos with a cell. The first day she fucked four BBCs and swallowed one of their loads. The second day she fucked five more BBCs plus repeats and let 3 of them fuck her ass. You see a guy who happily took photos of his cock in SecretPlayWife's ass. Then you see her being eaten by a guy behind her while she's sucking, and being 69'd, and doggy fucking. The pics are mostly blurred and desaturated, but the feeling of knowing your wife is being cummed in repeatedly in her every orifice in another city by multiple black men you've never met while you await her return with her gaped raw holes is fucking fantastic. Premium Members see them HERE
  20. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Deepthroat Tears Creampie

    A stallion came over and my wife wanted to show off her new deepthroating skills. He was LOVING it so despite gagging, she held on, doing it over and over and holding down on the base. He was close to cumming and leaking precum down her throat. While deep throating him she hiccuped his precum into her nose and it was burned and she was crying while still holding her mouth down on the base of his shaft while he throbbed. The sting in her nose finally got to her and they switched to fucking cowgirl on the couch. Then in the bed. Switched positions to missionary and her on her stomach. He was young and energetic and pounded the fuck out of my wife. She was exhausted and used and disheveled, perfect for him to have her suck him some more. Then he mounted her and they both made crazy angry I'm-going-to-cum faces at each other until he burst. POW. Flooded her pussy with his cum. She was grinning like crazy when she felt it explode into her. She could feel how much volume he has put into her. She looked at me with a sly, "you're going to go crazy when you see how flooded I am" look.
  21. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Latin Face Fuck

    Hispanic man flirted with my wife in a bar. She was very horny and decided to bring him home. He held her head and forced her to deep throat him He relentlessly fucked her face Then he fucked her bareback until he came in her pussy, and sent her back to the bar dripping with his cum.
  22. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Ebony God

    This fan came over to meet my wife and holy fuck he was ripped. He was hung well too. She flashed me the giggly "this is for me?" look, then a "I'm seriously going to enjoy this" sultry smile. Ripped guy Ripped her pussy She worshiped his cock with her mouth. He took pics and vid on his cell to keep and show off to anyone he wants. Then he fucked her, over and over, on him cowgirl, on her knees, pulling her hair, on her back... CUM You can see why he came so easily. His girth had SecretPlayWife's tight pussy stretched to its limits around his shaft. New condom, on her back, on her knees, she's climaxing left and right, he cums again. OMG she had fun! One of the sexiest sets. Over 180 pics. Many near repeats but I couldn't delete any, both people were picture perfect.
  23. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Pussy Cum Anal Cum

    Uploaded the pics I took of my wife bending over and letting a fan fuck her pussy and bust his nut in her, then get hard again and slide into her sphincter and put another load of cum in her ass. He took pics too, of her blowjob, then after his pumping her to multiple orgasms and filling her with two loads of his cum, he took pics of his double creampie, his cum leaking out of SecretPlayWife's pussy and anus. Pics is in Pussy Cum Anal Cum gallery for premium members
  24. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Black Friday 2017 - Cell

    The cell pics I took on Black Friday. She was spitroasted and anal fucked and cummed in. She climaxed so much that she and the guys had to keep changing which part of the mattress they used to avoid the wet spot, which was from her squirting orgasm spray. We started with a nice clean house and ended up with condoms and cum and lube and clothes and bottles everywhere. 45 of them in the album
  25. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Motel Stallion

    There's only 7 pics because Mr Spw had to convince the guy to take pics. I wasn't there. It's very hot to find your wife had fucked a stranger when you had no anticipation of it happening. She was hit on at a restaurant out of town and fu..... HEY, I'LL LET HER TELL THE STORY here Yes, I got her to write down what had happened. Find the pics in the encounters album here