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  1. You're a free member now. Congratulations.

    I'm still astounded that you or anyone is interested in seeing this soccer mom who became a hotwife in her 40s, but I'm glad you're here. The site is evolving, we hope to eventually convert it from a site about me to a hotwife dating site, but in the meantime, enjoy the freebie zone gallery and forum to find stuff you can see now.

    I hope you'll become a premium member and participate fully in the site. You'll be able to see all the pics and vids of my encounters. If you do, great. If you don't, enjoy the freebies, and either way we're glad to have you here. Reply back if you become premium so we can shout a thanks your way. Oh, and check your messages, Mr Spw sent you one. :)

    - SecretPlayWife

    1. Throbbungdick4u


      I like to state that I am not a Paid member yet! But very interested in the site and people so if you look at my profile I like too say. Too whom it be.
      Hello!!!!! my name is Ronald S! Well i am sending this note too you who reads this because i am curious about this and if the statement is true , like to say and ask if you are okay with a black man, like my self that you may find pleasant n respectful for her to date, flirt and talk to.  I live in the North St. Paul area and I like too on my spare or non-busy time to go out and enjoy my self when its is okay and rite to do so for me! But with you the search could be over!  As I been searching for a friend like you too talk and someday date for ages and now it shows up here and I can't help too express my attraction I have for, the classy style of lady you are and with that said I don't mean no disrespect too you and you accepting my request too get to be a friend to you . 

      Thanks for accepting note too you
      Ronald S
      Dec 2 5:31PM