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    Added 3 short clips of the wife sucking her fan's cock. Enjoy!
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    My wife normally declines any rendezvous request in which I am excluded from being present. On rare occasions, she makes an exception when they have a nearby hotel room and she's particularly horny, provided they are willing to take pics of the encounter and send them to her. We both know those pics will get sent to all his friends too. But anal is off limits. That's an area I enjoy almost exclusively, and not that often. She's tight and it hurts her. In some gangbangs with the right guys who demonstrate their ability to get and stay hard, she agrees to let them DP her after I lube and pre-stretch her. But when she showed me the pics he took, he had fucked her ass until both she and he came. She hadn't told me. There's only a few pics. Usually guys decide they want to enjoy the sex and don't take many photos.