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Found 47 results

  1. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Videos: More Two Hole Cum

    the lesser quality videos from the dresser-cam of him entering my wife's ass and her telling him how much it hurt then asking him to do it again him cumming in her ass him fucking her and pulling her hair and she climaxes me fucking my wife's cummed-in ass (sloppy anal seconds) her sucking him until he cums in her mouth
  2. Added 9 new videos, most short clips of great moments, plus video-8 that is a long video (300mb+) of SecretPlayWife doing everything with her Ebony God She had a lot of fun meeting this gentleman, which he was, while being totally alpha and dom-fucking my wife Enjoy!
  3. The first BBC who arrived of the 3 enters my wife missionary and fucks her until he cums in her pussy. Find it in the album: Double Penetration 3BBC - Videos This is in the gallery > secretplaywife encounters for premium members to access
  4. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Video: Jamaican Suckfest Short Vids

    Added 3 short clips of the wife sucking her fan's cock. Enjoy!
  5. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Video: Ebody God Sucking Portrait

    Added a short video of my wife sucking his cock. I'll be adding more videos from that encounter soon.
  6. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Video: Anal Cum Injection - More

    Added many more small snippets of my wife deep throating, getting her pussy fucked, getting her ass fucked and filled with cum Enjoy
  7. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Videos: Accidental Creampie Gangbang

    I added 17 videos. Practically the entire gangbang is here, filmed from a couple of cameras (a camera and a cell) so some duplication but from slightly different angles. It's all here, great oral, condoms, then no condoms, guys arriving, people chatting, my wife orgasming, the guys shooting their loads into SecretPlayWife.
  8. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Videos: Rotated Behind

    I added many video to the set, covering most of the gangbang with all the social conversation and interruptions and regular stuff that happens during the get togethers. Oh, and some good sex and very large cocks
  9. I added an 18th video, this one a little longer, from that amazing gangbang. It's a bit redundant since the cellphone video of similar moments are already posted, but this is a continuously-running video of guys taking turns entering my wife. That's kinda mindblowing. As often as I've watched my wife, it's still both exciting and jealously-inducing to have a group of strangers with large cocks take turns using my wife. But I turn that jealousy into the amazing takeback orgasms I have inside her afterwards. Last cum in wins, right?
  10. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Videos: Two Hole Cum

    Some short vids of a new BBC. I'll add the pics into the same album later. Fan came over when SecretPlayWife was HORNY for black cock. You can see it in her oral ravishing, she wanted to taste and feel it in her mouth and her throat. She deep throats him, then invites him to fuck her in the ass where he enters bareback and shoots his cum into her anus. Then after some social chat time she sucks him hard again and then sucks a load out of his cock into her mouth where she swallows it (after spilling a little down her chin). He left with her cum in her stomach and up her rectum. I entered her ass and added my load, sloppy anal seconds.
  11. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Video: Anal Cum Injection

    posted 4 short videos of Spw deep throating a thick BBC, getting pumped on her side (the best position to make her climax), and her pulling her legs back so he can enter her ass and shoot his cum up her butt These were from a vidcam, I have some cell videos coming and then the pics I took Premium members can find them here
  12. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New FREE Video: Squirt Fingered Video

    * Any registered member can watch, free or premium * A BBC fingers my wife to a squirting orgasm while I and another BBC watch. This is a new skill for SecretPlayWife (past 3 years only) and she loves climaxing on her G-Spot. plays twice, first from distance then repeats close up Watch it HERE Or see all the free videos in gallery > freebie zone
  13. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Video: Triple Crown

    The videos are poorly lit and low res, with bad angles, but damn, he cums in every hole on my wife and I didn't even know he was coming over or who he was until I got home from work and found this man fucking my sexy wife
  14. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Videos: Vegas 2018 2nd BBC Videos

    added 16 short videos of my wife being used in every hole and our mutual enjoyment of it Find them here for our premium members
  15. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Video: Jamaican Fuck

    This is a super short clip of the fan fucking Mrs SecretPlayWife. The thing she liked was that he pounded. That's what she enjoys.
  16. Mr SecretPlayWife

    Added Set: Creamy Bareback BBC

    Wife had a guy over whom she had been wanting to enjoy. He loved her breasts and wanted to lick her nipples while pumping her pussy. He was going to pull out until she insisted he fill her pussy with his BBC cum. He was a little weary of a husband watching so after her oral treatment I stepped away and let him have her solo, but returned when I heard her scream out her orgasm. By the time I returned, the evidence of her orgasm was a ton of her climax cream all over his cock. Then she enticed his load into her pussy. Some short videos too. Find them HERE or look in gallery > secretplaywife > secretplaywife encounters > creamy bareback bbc
  17. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Videos: Closeup Creampie Video

    3 videos of SecretPlayWife getting fucked bareback by a long cock connected to a guy with great stamina. She had just been DPd with both cumming in her and so had an anal creampie (got a pic but no video) Then the BBC took sloppy seconds and pumped, licked, and came in her pussy. WARNINGS - PROCEED WITH CAUTION: 1) My wife didn't have time to wax before a gangbang and so tried Nair. Her skin reacted and she broke out terribly. She refused to let me post these, but I finally just smeared her butt to make it less prominent and she'll have to deal with it. LOL. But be warned, she's pimply (she usually isn't) 2) The bbc tongues her pussy and the cum another black stallion had already unloaded is clearly visible. 3) Minor backdoor mess. We don't like that, but during anal play it can happen. I didn't catch it at the time. My wife had been DPd and both the guy in her pussy and the guy in her ass came in her orifices. So when the guy in her ass pulled out, some smeared. Sorry VIEW VIDEO HERE
  18. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Videos: Four Cum BBC

    Added three short videos to the four cum bbc camera folder
  19. Added two short videos to the four cum bbc album I make Spw squirt by fingering her G-Spot ** Audio starts muted then kicks in after a few seconds ** He takes a turn fingering her G-Spot and she explodes! Find them in the gallery > secretplaywife > secretplaywife encounters > four cum bbc - camera Or click here
  20. Mr SecretPlayWife

    New Videos: Deepthroat Tears Creampie

    Added 6 short videos of Spw deep throating the Caucasian stallion then letting him fuck her bareback and nut in her pussy with her gleeful permission
  21. I uploaded the clip that tumblr followers are familiar with, the famous face-fuck clip. This was the gentleman that enjoyed my wife's throat. I also uploaded a weirdly colored, bad audio lengthy clip of the sex action. Some explanation: The white balance on the set cam was whack. And the audio played at twice the speed of the video in my output. I uploaded the chipmunk audio version and then a silent version of the same clip.
  22. So many videos! Real fans, real wife, regular lighting, real gangbang. Nothing is staged or planned, SecretPlayWife is in it for the pleasure and orgasms, and I get what I get on film (vids & pics) 31 videos of varying length totaling a GB of video and an hour in length. A couple of creampies. Several SecretPlayWife orgasms. She's fucked by 6 SoCal BBCs who came over on Black Friday to pull a train on my wife. They did a great job on her. She was utterly exhausted and used when they were done with her. Premium members can view them in the gallery > secretplaywife encounters > black friday 2017 - videos One thumbnail per video is attached
  23. Wife mounts a BBC then Spw shouts in pain as a large black cock is shoved into her ass. Soon my wife has both holes filled and the guy fucking my wife's rectum is pounding her ass. Find it in the gallery > secretplaywife encounters > Double Penetration 3BBC Videos album for premium members Enjoy!
  24. The rest of the videos from the 3BBC DP gangbang. These are spitroasting, oral, some bareback anal. Find them in the "Double Penetration 3 BBCs - Videos" album in the encounters gallery or click here (for our premium members) Enjoy
  25. Added the first of several from this amazing gangbang. This one has me asking my wife what is happening at that exact moment. The answer she gave is mind blowing to any husband. (this is also in the freebie zone for free members to view, but the others I'll upload into this videos album will be for our premium members whom we love!)